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24 feels the same as 23

So today is my 24th birthday, and my mood has been fluctuating between indifferent and depressed all day. The weird thing is that the it's the most random things that get me down. Like earlier I was waiting at the bus stop for Bubba, and this guy goes by on a motorcycle, and he had what looked like a porcelain doll strapped to the back. It was freaky looking, and startled the hell out of me. I've been in a jumpy/unsettled mood since then. Isn't that such a freaking random ass reason to be in a bad mood? I mean what the fuck?

One thing that did make me happy for a little bit is that Joe remembered my birthday. I was surprised that he called, but it put me in a better mood than any of the presents I got. Heh, he is totally my favorite relative. He said that I'm old, and I had to remind him that I'm only 3 years older than him.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming up, and let me just say that it is my least favorite holiday. I was telling Kevin and Bryan this the other day, and Bryan busts out with "so you're an atheist"., dude, wtf? He was all "you don't like Thanksgiving, so you're an atheist". Bwahahahahahaha!!! I was so surprised that I pretty much laughed in his face, and asked him what the hell was wrong with him. I had to explain to him that Thanksgiving isn't really a religious holiday, that I am actually agnostic, and that my religious beliefs have shit to do with my feelings toward this particular holiday.

Bleh, they want to do the cake and ice cream thing now, and apparently I need to be present for this. Later.
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